Despite the fact that rent prices are always rising, there has never been a better time to find affordable student housing.

Why? Because the world is finally saying goodbye to the tenancy deposit which, asides from the rent, is the most expensive and stressful of all tenancy fees and costs.

Until now, most landlords have demanded up to 6 weeks worth of rent, up front, as a tenancy deposit, protecting them against any damages that you cause to the property.

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that the government backed deposit protection schemes, introduced to protect your money and distribute it back out accordingly at the end of your tenancy, are flawed in their practice.

Not only do they cost the tenant a fortune, but the government schemes also leave your money in the hands of the landlord and letting agent. If they are so inclined, they can take the money for themselves and provide weak excuses for not returning it.

But now everything is changing. Thanks to Reposit, students can enjoy much more affordable student housing. Why? Because instead of demanding six weeks worth of rent as a deposit, we just ask for one. We then cover the landlord, on your behalf, for the full 6. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s reliable.

Reposit can save you thousands of pounds every time you begin a new tenancy, so when you move on to your next student house, you and your housemates should enquire with your landlord about Reposit. Are they already signed up? If not, maybe they’d be interested in doing so? There are no additional fees and it’s a win-win for all parties involved. The landlord is still covered for the full amount, you don’t have to have a spare £2000 lying around. Find out more about Reposit here.