Happy Halloween! As far as scary stories go, a communication breakdown isn’t exactly on par with Count Dracula. The usual tale involves a man in a mask brutally murdering folk in the dark… halloween blockbusters rarely feature landlords terrified of fee increases they're not yet aware of! However, horror stories don’t need to involve blood or gore to keep you up at night and a bad experience with an agent can scare off a landlord for life. The Landlord Perspectives Survey reveals some chilling truths behind agent/landlord relationships and valuable insight into how to keep your landlords happy...

Scary thought

From tenants hiding naked in the closet to dead bodies on the sofa, estate agent horror stories are up there with the most shocking. Having a healthy relationship with your landlords can help you avoid nasty surprises in the future.

Do you feel that you have a healthy relationship with your landlord? Everyone in a partnership likes to think that it is running smoothly. However, did you know that 41% of landlords have left a letting agent in the past? Now that is a scary thought! Read the full survey results to discover what makes a landlord leave an agent and learn how to keep yours happy.

Transparent as a ghost

With the approaching tenancy fees ban comes a lot of confusion and worry;
Discover whether landlords are expecting their own fees to rise as a result of the tenant fees ban in the survey results.

Wondering whether landlords will stay with you around this time of uncertainty is a worry that you don’t need, our research suggests that being as clear as possible with them and explaining your plans in advance is the best way to keep relationships running smoothly. With two-thirds of landlords having been hit with unexpected costs, learn how to avoid frightful fees and be as transparent as a ghost.

Do you know where your local haunted house is?

Another spooky tale features an online hybrid threatening your business’ survival. Supposedly, cheaper fees are a big reason that landlords may look to partner with an online firm rather than a high street agent, however do cheaper fees mean a better or worse service?

High-street agents have the upper hand when it comes to local expertise. You know the local community so well that each saturday you play poker with the ghosts in the cemetery, and even have a key to the local haunted house!

Over a quarter of landlords said that they chose their current letting agent for their local area expertise, a figure that gives you online counterparts the heebie jeebies.

At Reposit, we are not looking to replace high street agents... we aim to work alongside you to enhance your role, rather than remove it and provide useful insights like the Landlord Perspectives Survey. Give it a read to find out how you can avoid a spiderweb of problems to win new business and learn from your competitors’ failings.

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