We are excited to introduce a new feature for all our partnered agencies. Up until this point everyone in your team had to use one account to process Reposits.

We now have a new functionality which will allow you to add members of the team to the main 'Company Account', giving them their own dashboard, which can be managed from the main account.

Below is a step by step guide to take you through the process of adding team members to your 'Company Account'.

Step One: Manage team

First step is to click on the new 'Manage Team' tab on your dashboard as shown below:

Step Two: Invite team members

Next step, is to invite members of your team to join your 'Company Account'. This is done simply by adding the email address of the team member as below:

Once you have clicked invite the team member will be added to the list, and the status will change to 'Invite Sent':

Your team member will have then received an email invitation asking asking them to join as per below:

That is it, your new team member is ready to begin selling Reposits on behalf of the company.

Any questions on this new feature then please contact us on info@getreposit.uk.