Running up to Christmas we’ve been swapping festive stories in the Reposit office and collecting the best ones we’ve heard from our Agency Partners to give you a gift you’ll never forget. So sit back, relax, and let the festive feels flow!

☃️ I’m walking in the air...

Rudolph the red nose agent says:

‘When I was a child, we won’t say how long ago, we lived in this big old victorian farm house. My mum was the type to insist on jumpers before heating, so every winter we sat there shivering in the bitter cold. One Christmas morning I woke up and I was so excited, I ran full speed down the stairs to get to the tree before anyone else. As I was coming through the sitting room, I felt my legs taken from underneath me and then BAAAAM, I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes.

The night before there had been some snowfall which had fallen down the chimney, due to the house being freezing thanks to mums insistence that jumpers bettered heating, the snow had melted and then semi-frozen on the floor. Needless to say, my initial excitement for Christmas was soon overshadowed by my two broken fingers and a trip to the hospital’.

✨ A not so silent night…

EstATE all the mince pies recalls:

‘When you have two 7 year-old children you know how much of a struggle it is to get them to sleep on Christmas eve. Finally at 12pm the house was silent, which gave my husband and I a short time to have a glass of wine just before we went to sleep, all was finally going to plan...

However at 3am my phone went off, waking myself and a disgruntled husband. It was a heavily intoxicated tenant, whom I had placed in a house a couple of weeks prior. They had been at Midnight Mass and then went for some drinks, only to realise they had lost their keys, and with no-one else in the house to let them in had turned to myself as a last resort. I was furious, so furious that the kids had woken up by my rage. The next few hours were spent calming the kids down, and apologising to my husband. So much for a calm Christmas…’

🍷 Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

A cracker of a tale:

‘As a lettings agent there is nothing better than finding the perfect home for your clients, and this is a story I will never forget.

We had been having a lot of trouble throughout December trying to house a couple in their dream rental property. The property had been found, and the couple were very happy, however there was issues with sorting out the deposit from their previous properties, along with the challenge to get them moved in in time for Christmas. This was making for a very stressful time for myself, but even more so for the tenants. However, with a couple of days to go before Christmas Eve it was all sorted and the couple could move in, we were all extremely relieved.

Fast forward to the day after Boxing Day and I received a call from the tenant. Before I picked up, I was dreading that they had come across another issue. To my suprise, down the phone I was met with pure happiness. The lady of the couple had rang me up in glee, thanking me over and over for finding them the property in time for Christmas, as it had turned out that on Christmas Day her partner had proposed to her in their new dream property. Now if that isn’t enough to make this job worth it, I don’t know what is!’

🎅🐈 Who delivers presents to cats?

Santa paws…

‘Kittens are extremely cute and cuddly, which is purrfect for the Christmas holidays. Kittens and a Christmas tree however... not so much. They just can’t resist those swinging baubles! After several hours (and several packets of catnip) spent coaxing poor Mr Tibbles out from behind the cupboard and detangling paws from fairy lights, the tree was back, but not looking quite as festive for the experience. So my advice to anyone looking to give a kitten as a Christmas present is... it’s either the kitten or the tree!’

🎁🎄 Merry Christmas from all of us at Reposit! 🎄🎁