We are proud to announce the launch of the Reposit Support Centre! There is now a one-stop-shop for all agent, landlord and tenant FAQs as well as home to a suite of new step-by-step video tutorials for how to use Reposit. We have already uploaded four videos and we are busy making more.

Click here to see the Support & FAQs page

Video tutorials now available listed below (click on the titles to see the individual videos)

For agents/landlords: how to set up a Reposit and invite tenants to sign-up to it (with optional free referencing)

Creating a Reposit takes less 3 minutes! This video guide covers what details you need to submit to set up a Reposit, how to invite and add tenants to a Reposit, how to opt in to our free referencing service and how to view your Pending Reposits.

For agents/landlords: how to end a Reposit and make a claim at the end of the tenancy

The process to end a Reposit and make a claim at the end of the tenancy is simple. This video guides you through ending a Reposit manually without a claim and also explains what actions need to be taken before making a claim.

For tenants: how to accept or raise a dispute against a claim

This video shows tenants how to view and accept or dispute a claim made by a letting agent or landlord. Tenants can dispute agent claims within seven days, this video shows how tenants can dispute claims and the boxes which must be checked to do so, eg. agreement to terms of making a claim.

For agents/landlords: how to upload evidence to support a claim

If a tenant disputes a claim, the landlord or letting agent will be asked to provide evidence to support the claim. This video covers which details are needed and how to upload evidence, including the check-out report, inventory, photos and communication.

You can view the individual videos by clicking the links above, or see the full Support Centre with access to FAQs and video tutorials on this page.

Please contact us with requests for more videos or more answers to FAQs!