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UK Rent Pricing Infographic

In the first half of 2017, rents across the UK decreased for the first time in 8 years!

Reposit and The ValPal Network have put together this free infographic on rent changes in the UK during 2017 to show you:

  • Historic rent changes 2011-2016
  • First decrease in rents in 8 years during 2017
  • Leading agent insight and branch perspectives across the UK

Click here to read the full interviews with Northwood Harrow, Balgores and The ValPal Network

Reposit is a new way to let property without taking a deposit to lower the costs for tenants but still get the security you need. It’s totally free for agents and landlords - we even pay YOU to work with us! Find out more by booking a call on the right.

UK Rent Pricing Infographic

The tenancy deposit alternative.

  • Let properties faster by lowering upfront costs for tenants
  • Save time on admin by removing the need for a deposit
  • Earn commission through working with us
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