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More opportunities. Less hassle.

Enabling everyone to get more out of renting.

We’re doing our bit to make renting better for everyone, by bringing you the best alternative to cash deposits in the UK.

Renting a property should be a great experience for everyone.

Agents, landlords and tenants – everyone deserves more. More convenience, more cover, more financial freedom. With Reposit, you can have it.

We work to ensure that everyone feels part of a win-win agreement. We’ve freed thousands of tenants from having their cash locked up, saving millions and paying up to £15k per year in commissions to agents. Join our community and start getting more from renting today.

Trust makes all the difference.

In such a fast changing and competitive market, it pays to have a partner you can trust. We believe that doing things right beats being first or fastest, and we’re in this for the long term.

Since our beginnings, we’ve gained the trust of hundreds of partners across the country. Lettings agents, property managers and build-to-rent firms, from your local branch to national chains with over 20,000 properties under management. We stand for quality, transparency and simplicity while supporting agents, landlords and tenants with cutting-edge technology that’s designed to be human-friendly.

We’re proud to be FCA authorised and affiliated with a leading insurance partner, giving you the confidence that we’re a partner you can trust.

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Together, we’re unlocking opportunities and making everyone’s life simpler.

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Stand out in a crowded market.

By becoming a Reposit partner, you can give your landlords and tenants the very best.

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