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Now available for new and existing tenancies.

Whether to let properties faster or to free up cash for existing tenants. Reposit can help!

As well as helping you to fill properties faster by letting tenants rent deposit free, Reposit can now be used by your existing tenants get their deposit money back! See Reposit Switch below to learn more.

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Get more value out of renting with Reposit's market leading deposit alternative.

Enjoy the difference of letting property with Reposit.

Landlords love it because they are protected for 8 weeks’ rent, absolutely free. Tenants love it because they save hundreds of pounds up front and keep hold of their cash. Agents love how quick and easy it is to rent with Reposit and earn extra commission.

And what’s more, Reposit is integrated with market leading CRM and referencing tools, making it even easier to set up with Reposit in your business.

Reposit Switch

Let tenants switch from a cash deposit to Reposit.

Why keep money tied up? Offer your tenants the chance to switchover to Reposit and earn more commission.

Reposit Switch enables tenants to free up their cash and agents to earn commission on existing tenancies. Landlords immediately benefit from the extra cover that comes with a Reposit – so everyone wins! As long as both the landlord and tenants agree and there are no changes to the contract, a switch can happen any time during tenancy or at renewal.

Reposit Switch is available for eligible tenants only. Get in touch to find out more.