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Reposit is an alternative to cash deposits, allowing you to pay a small fee instead of a tenancy deposit.

Save money for the things that matter the most. Click below to see how much you can save.

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* A minimum Reposit fee of £150 applies

Reposit is available through our network of trusted partners. If you would like to use Reposit, refer your agent or landlord to us today.

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Save money up front

Renting is expensive. Save hundreds of pounds up-front with Reposit.

Free up your cash

keep your cash to spend on what you want. You could even use the savings to rent a better home, or save up for one of your own!

Fairer dispute resolution

Government backed deposit schemes take up to 8 weeks to resolve disputes, whilst keeping your cash locked up. With Reposit, you keep hold of your money and only pay for what you actually owe.

Great for groups

Moving in with friends? Split the Reposit fee between your housemates.

You’re in good company.

Thousands of tenants choose Reposit every month and we’re proud to have saved millions for renters across the country. Join the tribe of satisfied Reposit tenants, rent deposit free with Reposit.

As easy as it gets.

How Reposit works for tenants


Ask your agent or landlord about Reposit

If they are a Reposit partner, you will be offered the choice to rent with Reposit. If they are not already onboard, refer them to us. We will open their account, so you can rent deposit free!

Sign up & pay

Once you have chosen Reposit, your agent will send you a link to signup and pay your Reposit fee on our platform. This activates the Reposit and will need to be done before your tenancy starts.

Enjoy your new home!

It's as easy as that! You're ready to move in.
You can keep your details up to date via your Reposit dashboard. If your tenancy lasts for more than 12 months you will be charged a £30 annual fee, split between all tenants.

End of tenancy

Roughly 70% of tenancies end without any charges due at the end of tenancy. In these cases, there's nothing else for you to do. No waiting around for your deposit to be repaid!

If there are charges, Reposit will notify you of these and give you the option to accept and pay, or raise a dispute. See our FAQs about disputes to learn more. Please note that you must settle any amounts owed at the end of tenancy. Not doing so could affect your credit rating, and Reposit reserves the right to pursue legal action until the balance is settled.

Tenants love Reposit

A fabulous product making moving house much easier. Also a very quick and straightforward process.


Thank you for showing me good customer service does exist 🙂 This has made my day a lot less stressful.


Very good service and product. Such a good idea to help with the cost of moving home.


Frequently asked questions.

Is Reposit refundable?

Before the start of your tenancy, the Reposit fee is refundable at no extra cost. Once your tenancy has started the 1 week’s service charge* you pay is non-refundable, and cannot be offset against costs at the end of tenancy.  The goal of Reposit is to reduce the upfront costs of moving home, and allow you to keep your money to use it how you wish, rather than it being locked up in someone else’s bank.

If you need more information in order to make a decision please get in touch with us on live chat or speak to your agent.

Am I still responsible for any damages caused or unpaid rent?

Yes – just like with a normal deposit, you are liable for all valid and properly evidenced charges at the end of tenancy. These may include costs for cleaning, damages or rent that is still to be paid. The difference with Reposit is that you just pay for what you owe at the end of tenancy, rather than locking up your cash at the start. Please note that Reposit is not tenant insurance.

Remember that you are always responsible for the commitments you agree to when singing your tenancy agreement.

What costs are associated with a Reposit?

At Reposit we are always transparent about the fees we charge. Note that some of the fees are only chargeable in specific circumstances. Here’s a list.

  • Upfront fee equivalent to 1 week’s rent. This is split between all tenants.
  • Annual fee of £30, split between all tenants. This is only charged if your tenancy lasts for longer than 12 months.
  • Dispute fee of £60, split between all tenants. Only chargeable if you wish to dispute end of tenancy charges and fully refunded if your dispute is successful.
  • Tenant swap fee of £50. This is only due if there is a tenant swap or if a new tenant is added to the tenancy. It is paid by the incoming tenant only.
More tenant FAQs

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