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Give your business a boost with Reposit. The best deposit alternative on the market.

With Reposit, tenants pay a fee of just one week’s rent* whilst landlords receive 8 weeks of insurance-backed cover.

Find Out How Reposit Can Accelerate Your Business

Win & Retain More Landlords

Stand out in a crowded market by giving your landlords access to 8 weeks’ worth of cover, absolutely free.

Earn fully compliant commission

Earn commission every time a tenant chooses Reposit. Leading agents generate up to £15k per branch in additional revenue.

Faster disputes and payouts

Whilst the dispute rate for Reposit is low, our process is fast. Independent adjudicators settle disputes in just 14 days and landlords receive their Reposit payouts in less than 20 days.

A trusted partner

Reposit is FCA authorised and FSCS protected. Our product is underwritten by a leading insurer, and our product structure makes the whole process seamless for agents and safe for landlords. 

We are the longest standing deposit alternative in the UK, trusted nationwide by industry leading firms. 

Download Your Deposit Alternative Guide

Understand how deposit alternatives differ from cash schemes and how they can help agents, landlords & tenants alike.

Made to make things easier.

It's easier than you think to get started with Reposit.

Our simple dashboard gives you real-time access to your Reposits and simplifies the process of settling end of tenancy charges.

What’s more, Reposit is integrated with leading CRM and referencing tools. Get in touch to find out if we are already integrated with yours.

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Now available for existing tenancies

Earn commission by switching your current tenancies to Reposit

Reposit Switch is available to tenants at any point during their tenancy, not just at renewal. By switching to Reposit tenants get their cash deposit back and instead pay a fee of just one week’s rent* whilst landlords are covered for up to 8 weeks.

Find out more

Calculate what Reposit is worth to your business with our value calculator.

Remember there's no cost to using Reposit, so the value goes straight to the bottom line as pure profit.

Our estimate is based on the usual Reposit opt-in rate, average Reposit and commission values as well as average salaries and hours saved with agents that use Reposit. You can also get a personalised estimate.


Estimated number of Reposits:

Estimated Commission Earned: £

Estimated Operational Time Value Saved: £

Estimated Total Value: £

How Reposit works for agents


Promote Reposit to attract more tenants!

Use our ready made marketing materials to promote Reposit on your website and online listings, in your branch, and during viewings. Offering a deposit free option will help to boost demand and convert tenants.

Give tenants a choice

Make sure every tenant is offered the choice to rent deposit free, with Reposit.

Create the Reposit

Once a tenant has chosen Reposit, you will create the Reposit on our platform. It's easy to use and you'll be done in a matter of minutes. Better still, if you use one of the CRM or referencing tools that we are integrated with, this will be done automatically.

Your tenants sign up

Reposit will then send your tenants a link to sign up and pay. Once they have paid the Reposit fee of 1 week's rent* (split between all tenants) the Reposit will be active and the landlord protected for 8 weeks' rent.

Earn a Reposit referral fee

Reposit will pay you commission for each Reposit sold. This new revenue stream is fully compliant with the Tenant Fees Act. Agents have generated up to £15k per branch!

Register end of tenancy charges

If the tenancy ends with charges due for cleaning, damages or rent arrears, simply register these charges with Reposit along with the tenancy documents and supporting evidence. We will notify the tenant, collect the funds and pay them to you. In case the tenant defaults, the Reposit cover will make sure all amounts are settled, up to 8 weeks' rent.

Read more about why agents love Reposit.

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Agents love Reposit

Reposit is an ideal deposit alternative with a very easy portal that tracks all your Reposit's and claims. All information is clear to see and there is lots of helpful information that tenants and agents can access at all times. If you are ever stuck they have an online chat system which is easy to use and the reply times are very fast with clear advice. We recommend Reposit to all of our landlords and all who have used it have been happy with the service.

GeorgiaLife by Ringley

Tenants are able to pay a more affordable fee which helps them move into the property much quicker than before when they had to find a larger amount of money for a deposit. Our landlords love as it means they aren’t waiting around for as long with an empty property.

Joe FirthWhitegates Keighly

Reposit is the first deposit replacement scheme that we have used, we have received such a fantastic response from our tenants opting to use this product and our landlords are very happy with the protection this has been providing them. The team at Reposit are a pleasure to work with, they are always on hand to help with any queries. Our dedicated Account Manager always goes above and beyond for us. We are very happy and would recommend Reposit to anyone.

LornaX1 Lettings

Bishop Sullivan have been working with Reposit since August 2018. We have set up plenty of Reposits in this time and are happy with both the set up and close down process. In fact recently we had deductions agreed quickly with an end of Tenancy, which under the TDS would almost certainly have ended up as a lengthy and time wasting dispute.

Julian BishopBishop Sullivan

After being slightly sceptical about how the end-of-tenancy process would work with a deposit alternative, I was pleasantly surprised to see how straight-forward it was with Reposit. The insurer paid out in full and everything worked in a similar way to a traditional deposit, except the payout was much faster.

Katrina EvansMartin & Co

Reposit for us is the best viable alternative to deposits. It has saved us time and helped us rent properties faster.

Jonathan ParkerPattinsons

Frequently asked questions.

How is Reposit different from other deposit alternatives?

At 8 weeks’ rent, Reposit offers the most cover for landlords whilst being great value for tenants. This helps you to attract landlords and let properties faster.

We are FCA regulated, FSCS protected and partnered with a leading insurance underwriter, giving you peace of mind that you will be working with a trusted partner.

There are plenty more reasons why Reposit is the best option on the market. If you are interested to learn more, book a demo. We’ll be happy to chat.

Is Reposit compliant with the Tenant Fees Act?

As a third-party service, Reposit is a permitted fee when it is a free choice of the tenant. Agents or landlords cannot require that all tenants use Reposit.

In some cases, a traditional cash deposit may be more appropriate. We encourage agents to discuss both options with tenants, so that they can make the most informed decision.

What kind of agents do you work with?

As the longest standing deposit alternative, Reposit has plenty of experience working with partners across the country. From your local branch to national chains with over 20,000 properties under management. We’ve done it all and are able to tailor the our onboarding to fit your needs.

So no need to worry, book a no-commitment call today!

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