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Cancellation and Refund policy

Who can cancel a Reposit?

We are only able to cancel a Reposit upon the request of the letting agent or landlord. 

However, if you are a tenant and would like your Reposit cancelled, please do let us know by emailing  You will also need to speak with your letting agent or landlord as we will require their confirmation. 

Refund eligibility upon cancellation:

The start date of the Reposit should always reflect the start date of the tenancy agreement i.e. when the tenant is due to move into the property. The only exception to this is if you are using our Switchover product. 

If the tenancy has not yet begun and the Reposit start date is in the future, then the tenant is entitled to a full refund if they choose to no longer go ahead with their tenancy or the Reposit option. The letting agent or landlord must let us know via email ( as soon as there is a change in circumstances.

 If the tenant does not move in on the agreed date and chooses to move in later, then we can alter this on your dashboard. 

Refund eligibility for incomplete Reposits:

*An incomplete Reposit is where one or more tenants have not paid for the Reposit and your dashboard is showing “Awaiting Tenant Actions”.

If a Reposit is incomplete where there is more than 1 tenant named on the Reposit, then the tenants who have paid their fee are eligible for a refund regardless of whether the start date has passed. It is important to note that the landlord will not be covered in this instance. 

Refund eligibility for complete Reposits:

*A complete Reposit is where all tenants have paid for the Reposit and your dashboard is showing “Complete”.

If you require a Reposit to be cancelled after the start date, as long as you let us know within the first month of the Reposit start date, we can refund the tenant in full. After this time, we will deduct a £50 admin charge from the tenant’s refund.