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According to the statistics, 80% of all home buyers search online before they even think about walking into an estate agents. Harness the power of the internet and social media to attract new landlords and tenants to your business, and help you stand out amongst the rest online.

Social media facts:

  • 34.4 million UK adults sign into social media a day (wow!)
  • Social media makes up over a quarter of an individual’s daily internet usage, averaging 1 hour 40 mins
  • 80% of home buyers search online
  • 83% of home buyers want to see a picture of the property online
  • 71% of consumers who have had a good experience with a brand through social media are likely to recommend that brand to others

Social media and the internet is incredibly popular among prospective buyers and renters and stats suggest that people are influenced by a brand’s presence on social media.

Benefits of social media:

Increases brand awareness

The reach of social media is huge! When is there ever the opportunity for 34.4 million adults to read your leaflet that you have flyered around the Basingstoke?!

Of course, this isn’t to say that millions of people will suddenly flood to your agency, however, getting your name out there is the first step. If prospective customers haven’t heard of you, then how can you expect their trade?

Stay ahead of the competition

With rival agents coming out of your ears, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of your competition, and positive online reviews are critical. In his guest blog, Jack Barnett said that most of his landlords and 50% of tenants have come from reviews they have read online.

PPC (pay-per-click)

With everyone who’s anyone on social media, it’s a great place to post adverts. PPC is a fantastic tool for tracking these adverts and making sure you know what works for you.

You can use filters to only target those who have clicked on your site before, or even for anyone searching for rentals in your area – the possibilities are endless!

As the name suggests, you can pay per click or pay for only those who see the advert through your filters, making it the most cost effective marketing technique.

However a click doesn’t translate to a sale, so make sure your content is to a standard to keep them interested.

Tips for content

Know your audience and be true to your brand

It’s all well and good that Bridgetown Domino’s club, Barbados love your content, but you’re an estate agent in Crewe, you need to be focusing on your potential customers and what they want to see. For example, Belvoir had great success with their video, ‘little agents’ which was adorable, entertaining and relevant to the industry.

Be respectful

Just because you find it funny, doesn’t necessarily mean that your prospective clients do. Remember posts on social media have the opportunity to go viral, so be careful with what you post. This agent in Hull aimed to attract student tenants by sticking a picture of two ladies scantily clad bums over the whole of his shop window, only to be met with outage on social media.

Be attentive

Just having a social media account is not enough, you need to actually be active on it. 71% of twitter users who make a complaint through the site to a brand expect a response within an hour, so make it clear if you are not going to be available, otherwise you risk a backlash from consumers.

How using Reposit can boost your content

As mentioned, you need to make sure the content is relevant to your audience. ‘We let this property in just 3 days with Reposit – saving the landlord from the dreaded void period!’ sounds appealing enough to spark interest.

Find out more about Reposit here 🏡