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Rethinking Referencing with Vouch

In this episode, Reposit’s Gurman Bains is joined by Tommy Early and Ben Tyers from Vouch, who give us their insight into the challenges facing letting agents today and how their platform can help address them.

Podcast Overview

About Our Guests and Vouch

Tommy Early leads the account management team at Vouch, overseeing client relationships post-signup and ensuring their continued satisfaction with Vouch’s services. Benjamin Tyers is part of the new business team, focusing on identifying potential client pain points and introducing solutions that Vouch offers to address these issues. Vouch specialises in streamlining the letting process through advanced technology, offering comprehensive solutions surrounding tenant referencing.

Current Market Challenges

The letting market currently faces significant challenges, primarily due to low stock levels which have persisted over the last few years. This shortage has intensified competition among agents and heightened the need for effective growth strategies. Additionally, the impending Renters Reform Bill and frequent changes in housing ministers add layers of complexity and uncertainty affecting tenants, landlords, and agents alike.

Vouch’s Role in Addressing Industry Challenges

Vouch leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance agent operations and address key issues such as tenant screening and fraud detection. Innovations like ID verification technology and open banking have been crucial in improving the speed and accuracy of tenant assessments, thereby safeguarding agent and landlord interests. Vouch also offers a suite of products, including Reposit, that enhance tenant affordability and provide added security for landlords.

Enhancing Agent Operations through Technology

Vouch’s technology significantly aids agents by automating time-consuming tasks like tenant communications and document verification. This automation not only speeds up the letting process but also reduces the potential for human error and fraud. By integrating with platforms like Reposit and utilising tools like open banking, Vouch ensures that agents can offer faster, more reliable services to landlords and tenants.


As we navigate a challenging economic landscape, the importance of efficient, technology-driven solutions in the letting industry cannot be overstated. Vouch’s innovative approaches and tools are designed to help agents maximise their efficiency and competitiveness in a tight market. By embracing these technologies, agents can better manage their resources, enhance their service offerings, and ultimately achieve greater success in their operations.