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We are excited to announce that we recently partnered with Tenant Shop, an Inchora company, to offer our security deposit alternative to their wide portfolio of tenants, agents and landlords.

Tenant Shop has been partnering with agents for over ten years providing its dedicated technology platform SULU to help them manage tenancies and reduce workload. It provides agent, landlord and tenant services through notifications, dedicated account management, a unique void solution and utility, media and insurance services.

The Reposit team are pleased to be expanding the service to the Tenant Shop client base via direct introduction from Tenant Shop or coupled with referencing via our referencing partner, UKtenantdata. This exciting opportunity will allow us to reach thousands of Tenant Shop tenants and partner agents.

Jude Greer, Reposit CEO:

Right from the start we were impressed with the Inchora team’s attention to detail and their understanding of the deposit replacement sector. We try and make sure that we partner with companies that have a shared vision as well as product standards that match our own.

We are delighted to be partnering with a company that has such a strong reputation in the market, as well as the opportunity to offer many thousands of tenants and landlords the option of using Reposit.

Our mission is to make renting more affordable and accessible to tenants, and this partnership takes us one step closer to that goal.

Reposit’s unique product allows tenants to pay a service charge equal to 1 week’s rent*, instead of paying a full 5 weeks’ traditional security deposit, and in turn adds their landlord to a group insurance policy as a named beneficiary – ensuring maximum regulatory compliance with FCA regulation and FSCS coverage.

At Reposit, we take pride in providing a solution that simplifies the entire renting chain process – giving back financial freedom to tenants, helping landlords fill their properties and providing a unique selling point to agents.

Stewart Hinchliffe, Head of Regulatory Compliance at Inchora:

We were immediately impressed with the Reposit team. We have a shared ethos, believing that compliance standards are key and that products should be properly designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Reposit’s solution ensures that the landlord has peace of mind that they are protected and the tenant is provided with an alternative to the traditional five weeks lump sum deposit, that is difficult for so many. We are delighted to find the right fit for our business.

This is an insurance product protecting the landlord’s interests and as such it is vital that the policy holder and beneficiary is the landlord and not the tenant.

Visit Reposit and Tenant Shop website to find out more about us and how we’re changing the lettings industry.