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Anyone who has ever done it knows that moving house is one of the most stressful things we do. It’s usually listed second, underneath getting married. We can’t really help you with that one 🤣, but when it comes to a stress-free move, we’ve got 5 essential tips 👇

Give yourself time

First things first, don’t leave everything to the last minute. We’ve all done it, and we’ve all lived to regret it.

As soon as you know your moving date, set a reminder for two weeks before that. That’s when you need to start your prep.

Gather boxes like a madman (corner shops are a good place to start) and book your removal company promptly. You can pack all of the stuff you don’t immediately need, and don’t forget to gradually start the final big clean. Nothing is more stressful than running out of time and still needing to make sure that the place is left spotless.

Remain open-minded

Moving house is never easy, and it will rarely go as smoothly as you hope. But if you can remain open minded and try and be flexible, then the obstacles are easily overcome.

If dates are changed, or movers cancel, or a packing buddy lets you down, just roll with the punches and keep on smiling. It’ll all be over with soon.

Save money on moving costs

Anything that costs a bunch of cash raises that stress level through the roof. Every single stage of the process seems to cost more money.

Make sure to price comparison on the removal van and if you are confident in your cleaning abilities, you can forgo the cleaner and bash it out yourself. Be careful though, as this could backfire if the flat isn’t tip top. Don’t forget to clean the oven.

Reposit can also help you save thousands of pounds on your security deposit, meaning you’ve got extra cash to put towards making your new place the perfect home.

Be selective

When you’re packing for your move, be selective about what you do and do take with you.

With clothes for example, if you haven’t worn it for 12 months, it’s unlikely you’ll miss getting rid of it. Drop it into a local charity shop, you lighten the load, and help others at the same time. Win win.

If you can cut down on the amount of loads you have to move, it’s guaranteed to bring your stress levels way down.

Label your boxes!

The stress doesn’t end when you arrive at your new home. For some, the unpacking is even worse than the packing. Labelling your boxes well is a simple way to make unpacking as easy as possible. You can choose what to get out right away, the everyday essentials, and choose what to keep for another, less stressful day.

Happy moving! 🎉

We started Reposit because we believe there is a better and more affordable way of renting. With us you can…

  • Save on upfront costs and move in faster
  • Use your money on what you want rather than wait months or years to get your deposit money back
  • Not worry about scraping up enough money for a second deposit when moving houses

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