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How Technology Has Streamlined Settio's Lettings Agency with Samuel Fitz-Hugh

Samuel Fitz-Hugh speaks to Gurman Bains about how utilising proptech has helped to streamline Settio’s business and become more efficient – whilst not losing the personal care and communication that provides the higher level of service which sets their agency apart.

Podcast Overview


In the latest episode of the “Rethinking Rentals” podcast, powered by Reposit, we dive into an insightful conversation with Samuel Fitz-Hugh, the co-founder and director of Settio Property Experience. The discussion unveils Settio’s innovative approach to property lettings, their strategic adoption of technology, and the resulting trajectory of success.

Settio’s Visionary Beginnings

Settio, now approaching the end of its sixth year, has established itself as a high-service-level specialist in the letting and management sector. With a keen focus on remote investors, often based overseas, Settio offers a comprehensive service package that begins from the early investment stages, including buying off-plan. Their unique, all-inclusive fee structure encompasses everything from utility setups to 24/7 support, setting them apart from traditional UK agents.

Embracing Technology in Modern Lettings

Samuel Fitz-Hugh discusses the critical role of technology in modernising the letting industry. Settio’s adoption of tech solutions has not only streamlined their services but also enhanced their efficiency, resonating well with the expectations of modern investors and tenants. Tools like Goodlord for tenant processing and Fixflo for property management have been instrumental in their operations.

Selective Tech Integration

The podcast sheds light on Settio’s selective approach to integrating technology. Samuel emphasises that while tech tools offer convenience, they never replace the essential personal communication with clients. The company’s tech choices are deeply aligned with their core values and the real benefits they bring to clients and the team.

The Impact of Reposit

Since partnering with Reposit in 2020, Settio has seen significant advancements in their tech journey. Reposit’s alternative to traditional deposit schemes has provided more protection and streamlined the end-of-tenancy process. Settio’s initiative to encourage existing tenants to switch to Reposit underlines the platform’s benefits for all parties involved.

The Human Element

Despite the efficiency of technology, Settio continues to prioritise human interaction, particularly in communications with remote investors. This commitment to personal touch is a distinctive feature that sets Settio apart in the property management industry.

Looking Ahead

Samuel shares his predictions for the rental market in 2024, anticipating a strong year with rising rents and an increase in renters due to higher interest rates. Settio is gearing up for new developments and is poised to continue supporting a growing client base.