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Maximising Letting Agent Sales with Tony Morris: Strategies for 2024 and Beyond

Tony Morris joins Gurman Bains to discuss the common mistakes he sees in letting agents when looking to win more business from landlords. Tony also reveals the secret to agents being more proactive in winning instructions with actionable strategies that he employs with agencies all over the country.

Tony Morris is one of the UK’s leading Estate and Letting Agency trainers, having helped over 350 estate and letting agents over the past 17 years. You can find out more about Tony here, with complimentary access to his Freemium ‘The Art of Rapport’ E-learning module.

Podcast Overview


In this latest episode of the “Rethinking Rentals” podcast, brought to you by Reposit, we speak with Tony Morris, a renowned author, communication speaker, and sales trainer from Tony Morris International. The episode focuses on maximising sales in 2024, offering valuable strategies for letting agents to excel in the evolving market.

Tony Morris’s Sales Journey

Tony shares his journey in the sales industry, beginning with challenging door-to-door encyclopedia sales and progressing to leading his own training company. His experiences have shaped his unique approach to sales training, having trained over 60,000 salespeople and spoken in 31 countries.

Adopting Sales Methodologies

Tony discusses the impact of key sales methodologies on his career, including The Challenger Sale by Matt Dixon. He emphasises the importance of problem questions in identifying customer pain points and how these methodologies have been instrumental in his success.

Overcoming Sales Challenges

The conversation delves into common pitfalls in sales, such as giving up too early and ineffective objection handling. Tony highlights the need for resilience and shares strategies for maximising sales in 2024, focusing on exceptional prospecting, conversion improvement, and overcoming objections.

Real-World Sales Strategies

Tony provides practical examples of overcoming fee objections and building value in sales conversations. He stresses the importance of self-belief and challenging customer perspectives to demonstrate value and justify fees.

Technology’s Role in Sales

The episode explores the significant shift towards technology in sales strategies. Tony discusses how innovative tools like Reclaro, AI content creation platforms, and personalised video messaging services like BomBom are revolutionising sales processes.

Want to hear more from Tony?

Listeners interested in Tony Morris’s offer can reach out for access to the “Art of Rapport” course here.