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Transforming Tradition: Boydens' Innovative Journey to Driving Growth & Efficiency

In this episode of Rethinking Rentals, host Gurman Bains welcomes Paul Buck from Boydens. Together, they explore the pivotal shift in mindset that propelled Boydens past a challenging growth plateau. Discover how this transformative thinking led to significant investments in staff development, the adoption of innovative digital marketing tactics, and the refinement of client acquisition and market expansion strategies. Tune in to learn about the journey that revolutionised their business approach and spurred sustainable growth over time.

Podcast Overview


Welcome to the “Rethinking Rentals” podcast, brought to you by Reposit. In this episode, Gurman Bains, Sales Team Lead at Reposit, is joined by Paul Buck, Director of Sales and Lettings at Boydens. The discussion today focuses on the strategies Boydens has implemented to achieve sustainable growth and operational efficiency.

Guest Introduction

Paul Buck shares his journey with Boydens, starting in 2015 and climbing up to his current role. Boydens, a family-run business operating in North Essex and South Suffolk, offers a wide range of services, including lettings, property management, sales, block management, taxation, and surveys. Tracing its roots back to 1852, Boydens has a long-standing history in the real estate sector.

Strategies for Growth

Paul highlights the importance of investing in team training and development as a cornerstone for growth. Recognising the value of a motivated and well-trained staff, Boydens has committed to annual training budgets, joined Agent Rainmaker for further education, and pushed for staff qualifications. This focus on internal development has laid the foundation for other growth strategies.

Impact of Agent Rainmaker

Joining Agent Rainmaker in July of the previous year marked a pivotal change for Boydens. The bootcamp experience was described as transformational, providing the necessary push towards modernisation and embracing new systems and processes. This shift allowed Boydens to break free from traditional constraints and pursue aggressive growth plans, including a projected addition of £2.4 million in revenue over four years.

Client Acquisition and Market Expansion

Boydens is actively seeking acquisitions across the UK, breaking free from the limitation of local acquisitions. This new approach is fuelled by a change in mindset among the senior management team, facilitated by the support and insights gained from Agent Rainmaker and other resources. The company is also exploring diversification by potentially acquiring cleaning and removals companies to address operational pinch points.

Embracing PropTech

The journey through various PropTech solutions has been a key part of Boydens’ strategy. From updating their CRM system to integrating FixFlow for maintenance requests, Boydens has seen significant operational efficiencies. The adoption of digital marketing funnels has also generated substantial leads, prompting the creation of a dedicated business development department.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Boydens plans to continue building on the success of their marketing funnels and expanding their business development efforts. The company aims to diversify its services further and maintain its commitment to educating landlords about the upcoming renters reform bill and its implications.


Paul Buck’s insights into Boydens’ journey over the past few years highlight the importance of embracing change, investing in team development, and leveraging technology to drive growth. The discussion underscores the potential for real estate agencies to achieve significant growth by adopting a forward-thinking approach and exploring new opportunities for expansion and efficiency.