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Letting Agent Growth Unveiled: Strategies, Tactics, and How Agents Can Maximise Their Opportunities with Suttons Estate Agents

Reposit’s Gurman Bains is joined by Melissa Austin & Meg Sutton of Suttons Estate Agents, where they reveal how a change in mindset has helped them to drive growth over the past 18 months. From embracing new technology and better valuing their time, to finding a community of likeminded professionals for support, the two guests reveal the tactical actions they’ve taken to drive revenue and efficiency in their agency.

Podcast Overview


Melissa Austin, who joined Sutton’s in 2005, has witnessed the evolution of the property industry, transitioning from paper-based operations to embracing technology and software solutions. Megan Sutton, a tenancy manager at Sutton’s, has been with the company for eight years, starting as a tenant before joining the team. Together, they have navigated the challenges and changes in the industry, focusing on growth and efficiency.

Journey and Transformation:

Melissa shares the transformative journey of Sutton’s, highlighting the shift towards technology and the importance of networking with other agents to share experiences and solutions. The semi-retirement of the company director marked a pivotal point for Melissa to overhaul the business, focusing on technology and systems to streamline operations and improve service delivery.

Strategies for Growth:

The conversation shifts to the successful strategies implemented at Suttons. A significant mindset change was crucial, recognising the value of their service and adjusting their business model to reflect the true worth of their time and expertise. Restructuring roles within the company and pushing for greater definition and accountability for specific areas of the business were also key factors in their growth.

Customer Experience Enhancement:

Megan discusses how Reposit has streamlined operational tasks, particularly in handling deposit disputes, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming. This not only improved internal operations but also enhanced the customer experience for both landlords and tenants by offering better protection and simplifying the end-of-tenancy process.

Agent Rainmaker’s Impact:

Melissa credits Agent Rainmaker, a training and networking platform for property agents, with significantly impacting their business growth. The platform provided invaluable insights, support, and a community of like-minded agents facing similar challenges. It encouraged a mindset shift towards valuing their services appropriately and leveraging technology to optimise their operations.

Advice for Aspiring Agents:

The episode concludes with advice for other agents looking to grow their business. Emphasising the importance of valuing one’s time, embracing new technologies, and being open to change, Melissa and Megan share actionable tips, including engaging with platforms like Agent Online for prospecting and nurturing leads, and considering services like Reposit to enhance service offerings and customer satisfaction.


Melissa and Megan’s journey with Sutton’s Estate Agents illustrates the power of mindset, the importance of technology, and the value of community in navigating the challenges of the property industry. Their story serves as an inspiration and a guide for other agents seeking to grow their business and improve their service delivery.