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The Importance of Inventory & Streamlining Rentals with Inventory Hive

In this episode, Reposit’s Gurman Bains is joined by Mitch Handley from Inventory Hive to discuss the importance of a good inventory and how a great inventory process can save time and stress throughout the tenancy.

Podcast Overview

Inventory Hive’s Role in Property Management

Mitch provides an overview of Inventory Hive, a cloud-based property inspection platform used by a diverse range of clients, including letting agents, build-to-rent clients, student accommodation providers, and independent landlords. The platform facilitates the creation of various reports, including check-ins, checkouts, interim inspections, and compliance reports, emphasising efficiency and detailed reporting to reduce disputes.

The Importance of Inventories

The discussion highlights the critical importance of inventories in managing rental properties. Inventories serve as key evidence in adjudications, documenting the property’s condition throughout the tenancy. They also play a vital role in setting expectations for tenants, encouraging them to maintain the property and report maintenance issues, ultimately protecting the landlord’s assets.

Educating Tenants and Reducing Disputes

Mitch emphasises the educational aspect of inventories for tenants, outlining their responsibilities and expectations for property maintenance. He advocates for pre-checkout reports to identify and resolve issues before the final checkout, reducing disputes and void periods.

Challenges and Solutions in Inventory Management

The conversation shifts to the challenges faced in inventory management, such as time constraints and the perceived complexity of creating detailed reports. Mitch explains how Inventory Hive addresses these challenges by simplifying the process and integrating features like direct communication with tenants for scheduling inspections.

Technology’s Impact on Inventory Management

Mitch discusses how technology, particularly Inventory Hive, has revolutionised inventory management in the rental sector. The software’s features, like scheduling inspections and grouping properties for efficient management, are highlighted as key innovations that save time and reduce administrative burdens.

Case Studies and Transformations

Mitch shares case studies, including one from a student accommodation provider who transitioned from paper-based inventories to Inventory Hive’s digital platform. This switch enabled them to efficiently manage thousands of units, highlighting the software’s capacity to handle large-scale operations and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Overcoming Resistance to Change

The episode addresses the resistance some agents have to adopting new technologies like Inventory Hive. Mitch stresses the importance of education and training to ensure users understand and fully utilise the software’s capabilities.

Simplifying the Inventory Process

Finally, Mitch outlines how Inventory Hive simplifies the entire inventory process, from check-in to checkout, with features like side-by-side comparison in the app and a user-friendly interface. He emphasises the company’s commitment to transparency and simplicity in both pricing and functionality.


This episode of “Rethinking Rentals” sheds light on the evolving landscape of property management, particularly the significant role of inventories and the transformative impact of technology in streamlining these processes. Inventory Hive’s approach to simplifying and enhancing inventory management offers valuable insights for agents, landlords, and property managers seeking efficient and effective solutions.